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Black Market is a flag that must be applied for over the Shhh... forums. Those who have Black Market are able to purchase weaponry, armor, drugs, alcohol and other illegal substances and use them in role-play on the server. This application is for the purpose of promoting role-play while preventing abuse from minges, trolls and in-experienced role-players. Black Market requires the player to have a substantial amount of tokens in order to successfully make use of the privilege. If a player is caught abusing Black Market, such as selling it's contents to inges or their friends or spawning weaponry that would not of been found in role-play, etc. their flag will be removed from them and, depending on circumstances, the player may be banned for a period of time.

Black Market is not for the enjoyment of the individual player but for the promotion of role-play, according to the need/circumstances surrounding the rp.


Black Market allows for the distribution of illegal substances amongst mostly, rebellious groups. Those with Black Market refrain from openly operating among citizens and the city for fear of repercussions from the CUU. They remain low-key and mysterious. In-characterly, those with Black Market are generally unknown to any but rebel characters. Their connections are kept secret and they are suspiscious, dealing in the underworld society.

Those caught by the Universal Union distributing illegal substances will be detained, beaten and depending on circumstances, may be interrogated, tortured and even killed.


To apply for Black Market, an application must be sent in over the Shhh... forums. All applications are reviewed by Baconator, the current leader of Black Market. Those who apply for Black Market are expected to have rped and must be known for their quality of roleplay and trustworthiness. Those who do not match the requirements will not be accepted until they have proven their ability though applications are open to anyone.

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