The Loyalist faction is headed by lead administrator, Dividium. Very similar to general citizen role-play, Loyalist characters live under the ruling of the Universal Union or Combine and are forced to live as the CUU dictates. This faction however opens a different aspect to the role-play community. Loyalists are citizens who are recognized by the Union as 'members', although the lowest section. They have proclaimed their loyalty to the Union and for this, are rewarded with small privileges. Role-play in this faction is limited to law abiding but may open up interesting sections, unavailable to other factions such as a Reporter for The Dispatchers - A CUU sponsered newspaper.


Loyalists are citizens who have allied themselves with the Universal Union. In return for complete co'operation and devotion, Loyalists get special privileges as well as leniency by the CCA. Loyalists are expected to not only follow laws but report crimes and conform to the expectations of the union without complaint or question. All loyalists are documented and live in a specified apartment area. Some special privileges awarded to loyalists are:

  • Increase in rations
  • Increase in tokens
  • Guaranteed housing
  • Leniency from the union

During application, Loyalists must surrender all knowledge and rights over to the Universal Union. Their information is then stored in the Union Database, and kept secret from the general populace. Loyalists conform to the rules and regulations of the Universal Union. They're happy to help units and when posed questions, they answer to the best of their abilities. Often, Loyalists do odd work jobs for the Union: Cleaning areas, Setting up Apartments etc.

Loyalists tend to be better groomed and more well dressed then ordinary citizens. Extra rations and tokens also ensure they are better fed and do not suffer from mal-nutrition or starvation, unlike others. They are kept together in one housing unit generally and go about their lives normally, as if the Universal Union is only a police force; there to keep them safe.

A loyalist is granted a decent lifestyle.


Loyalist application are open to anyone and may be found on the Shhh... forums. To apply, your reason for joining this faction must be given as well as other necessary in-character and out-of-character information. Although a loyalist character is in-character granted more opportunities, loyalist role-play can be limited. A loyalist character would not break laws or lie to the Union unless very special circumstances are provided.

If a loyalist character is found to of lied, broken a law or neglected to report a rebellion or other criminal acts, their loyalist title will be stripped of their person and in some circumstances, they may be detained and beaten.

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