Dr. Wallace Breen - Head of the Council


Formed approximately November-December of 2009. The Council is an in-character group, headed by lead administrator Dividium. The group is not open to public application thus, to obtain a Council member, you must be requested.


The Council is, in-characterly, the head of the CUU or Combine Universal Union. It deals with the management of the City, Citizens, Military and Paramilitary. Council members are known to speak with citizens upon request and in-regards to the Universal Union, Council members hold power over even the Sector Commander. Council members promote role-play and in-characterly, can make decisions that affect the overall role-play of other members. For example, they may choose to make the slums an off-limit area which produces combine and citizen interaction.


Formed by Dr. Breen, the Council members control all aspects of life in Sector 1-45. Holding an almost 'celebrity' status, Council members are the face and brains of the Universal Union. Though they look friendly and open, the Council members are made up of some of the most violent and cunning members of the Universal Union to date.

While it has yet to be determined how many Council members there are, only four of them have been seen in the public domain. The council is made up of one head chairman and multiple advisors. The Council members will pass Dr. Breens and their own orders through to the Sector Commanders, who will then pass the information on to their designated factions.


Dividium currently leads the Council out-of-characterly, assisted by his two 'advisors', Alex and Spitfirexero. Together they plan coming events and discuss ideas pertaining to not only the Council itself but the management and changes in the CUU.

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